GROGG Triangular Coffee Table

Handcrafted in Montreal

$585.00$785.00 +tx

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Truth be told, this adorable GROGG coffee table is very low.

It is designed to fit environments where sitting on the ground is key, like tea rooms, Shisha sharing or meditation spaces. Personally, we also love the idea of using it as a green island, for plants, and interior gardens.

Your choice of height:

  • 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16″, 18”.


Your choice of wood essence:

  • Black Walnut (without the inlay detail)
  • White Oak (Without the inlay detail)
  • Black Walnut (with the white oak inlay detail)
  • White Oak (with the black walnut inlay detail)


***Please note that the leg angle will vary slightly from one table height to another.***

Each piece is unique

We create all our furnitures in our Montreal Workshop. Thank you for supporting us.